Finding Great Colour Combinations

If you're timid about splashing colour into your rooms, look for help from a special fabric, favourite artwork or collectable, an area rug or an antique quilt. These items work as your "decorator", showing you foolproof colour combinations you already love. Remember, colours elicit emotions and can be used to set the mood for an entire room.

Warm Colours

Colours such as red, yellow and orange give sensations of warmth. They are associated with the colours of the sun and fire and tend to draw attention.

Cool Colours

Colours such as green and blue give a sensation of coolness associated with cool water, blue skies and a dense green forest. These colours tend to recede from the viewer and are often used as pastels.

Neutral Colour Scheme

Whites, blacks, greys, beige and graded browns create neutral tones. This scheme is made interesting, chic or formal by introducing a variety of textures, such as rugs, deep pile carpet, stucco and surface finishes like wood grain and granite. This option creates and excellent backdrop for bright colourful paintings, decorative art and floral arrangements.

MatchRite Colour Matching System

Due to the ever-changing needs to step out of the ordinary, Kaleidoscope Paints has taken painting one step further by investing in the MatchRite Colour Matching System and the "Interactive Kaleidoscope Colour-Visualiser."

The MatchRite computerized system develops specific formulas, making it easier to enhance your property by mixing your paints to match any colour YOU want.

Choosing colours or redecorating has never been easier... choose the colour you love from any fabric, book or object and let MatchRite create your colour.

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