Oil Varnish Stains

Rich walnut and mahogany, warm honey tones of cedar, oak and teak and the exotic appeal of Spanish walnut. These are but a few of the styles currently in Kaleidoscope’s Wood Stains Collection.

Available in a variety of finishes, Kaleidoscope has specially designed and formulated the Wood Stains Collection to enhance any decorative idea. A perfect enhancement to any colour scheme, this collection caters to the adventurous and the sophisticated alike.

Oil Varnish Wood Stain is a combination of a polyurethane varnish and stain, which is designed for use on new or old wooden surfaces.  Spreading Rate: 24 – 34 sq. metres per 3.785 liters. Drying: touch dry within 2 – 3 hours

Epoxy Floor/Patio Enamel Paint

Kaleidoscope Floor Epoxy Enamel is a top quality epoxy paint for use on all types of floors. It is specially formulated to withstand the wear and tear of heavy, everyday traffic and possesses extremely good resistance to abrasion and scuffing.

Chinese Lacquer

Chinese Lacquer is a quick-drying, high gloss Enamel for use on furniture, bicycles, domestic appliances, etc. This product withstands boiling water, oils, grease, alcohol, ammonia and kerosene. It is an ideal coating for surfaces such as metal, wood, dry plaster, brickwork and stone.

Supreme Gloss Enamel

• An Economical topcoat, high gloss, suitable for interior steel, wood and masonry.
• Low VOC, Low scent.
• Excellent weathering properties.
• Mildew and fungus resistant.