Products and Colours


2000 Thinners – ONLY for Gloss Paints, Enamels, Varnishes and Floor Paints

2000 Weatherproof Gloss Enamel

2001 Designer Whites

2001 Premium Flat Latex Emulsion

2002 Thinners – ONLY for Road Marking Paint and Chlorinated Rubber Paints

2003 Thinners – ONLY for Spraying

2004 Thinners – ONLY for Knotting Varnish & French Polish

2005 Thinners – ONLY for Epoxy Based Paints

2007 Thinners – ONLY for Etching Primer

2008 Thinners – ONLY for N.C. Sanding Sealer

Aluminium Wood Primer

Anti Corrosive Roof Paint

Asphaltex Water Tank Paint

Automotive Lacquer Thinner

Bituminous Aluminium Paint

Bituminous Black

Bright Aluminium Paint Heat Resisting 260c (500f)

Chinese Lacquer

Chlorinated Rubber Paint

Coal Tar Epoxy (2 Pack)

Contractor Concrete Primer

Dazzle Glow Fluorescent Emulsion Paint

Deck Paint

Degreasing Solvent

Epoxy Floor/Patio Enamel Paint

Etching Primer – 1 Pack

Flat Enamel

General Purpose Clear Varnish

High Heat Resisting Aluminium Paint 600c (1100f)

Industrial & Marine Enamels Protective Coating

Industrial Enamels

Industrial Enamels Special Mix & 880 Colorbank and OSHA Safety Colours

Iron Guard Zinc Chromate Primer

Knotting Varnish

Latex Emulsion – Clear Coat Sealer

Latex Floor Paint

Liquid Driers

Marine Varnish

N.C. Sanding Sealer

Nitrocellulose Lacquers Gloss

Nitrocellulose Lacquers Matt

Nitrocellulose Lacquers Satin

Non Toxic Body Paints

Non-Drip Ceiling White Latex

Non-Reflective Road Marking Paint

Non-Skid Deck Paint

Oil Varnish Stains

Paint Remover

Penetrating Liquid (for Powdery Walls)

Polycolour Intense Wood Stain

Premium Concrete Primer – Anti Fungus

QDNY Marine Acrylic Exterior Varnish (Non Yellowing)

Quick Drying Spraying Enamel

Reflective Road Marking Paint

Roofing Compound

Rust Remover

Satin Enamel

School Board Paint

Silicone Water Repellent

Silk Sheen Latex Emulsion

Sterilising / Biocidial Solution

Super-Block Moisture Sealer

Supreme Gloss Enamel

Supreme Latex Emulsion

Teak Oil

Tennis Court Paint

Textured Coating

Timbor Wood Preservative – (Termite Treatment) Clear

Trowel Coat (Fine, Med, Coarse)

Universal Metal Primer

Universal Undercoat

WeatherMasta Latex Emulsion


Anti Corrosive Roof Paint

Roof Green

Roof Red